Other key educational opportunities include trainings on remedial skills, safety, sales, IT skills and more. These courses are implemented through innovative presentation methods including in-person, peer-facilitated and virtual classroom modalities. Measures are taken pre- and post-learning to help us identify improvements, learning and return on investment.

Career development

We recognize that career growth and development are top engagement drivers for our associates. Therefore, we provide easy access to on-site and online world-class training and professional development programs for associates to increase productivity and personal satisfaction. Career development opportunities include:

  • Ongoing skill-building programs
  • Leadership development programs
  • Development and cross–business unit exposure
  • Knowledge Pay programs offering financial incentives for specific certifications
  • Leadership roles in Business Resource Groups

Skill Builders is part of our continuous learning program. Led by high-performing ADP employees, it helps our associates round out their personal brand, and enables networking and shared experiences across business units. Active topics include emotional intelligence, Managers’ Worst Nightmares and Español Para Ti.

ADP’s DriveYourCareer program allows associates to include mobility and career preferences as part of their career profile. In turn, managers use this information to have productive discussions with associates about their career growth. We also created Centers of Excellence to enable synergies between business units and expand career opportunities in several local regions.

Accelerating Performance

We encourage our team leaders to give frequent attention and guidance to their team members rather than simply providing occasional “feedback,” which can come across as negative or demotivating. Since 2018, team leaders receive specific coaching tips from StandOut, our new employee engagement tool, based on the tool’s assessment of each team member.

StandOut is also changing annual performance reviews at ADP. Instead of one annual meeting, we hold quarterly debrief conversations, informed by regular short performance assessments that allow managers to quickly evaluate their team members’ performance.

Co-ops and internships

We recruit and evaluate students from 70+ colleges and national partners for full-time positions. We offer both co-op and internship opportunities that give them industry exposure and a chance to learn about our Company culture and operations.

Mentorship programs

These relationships provide invaluable guidance for new hires and help them unlock their full potential within the Company. We encourage new employees to find a mentor early in their career at ADP and support experienced associates in offering mentorships. Business Resource Groups are a great resource for establishing mentor connections.


Following the transition of our employee engagement measurement to StandOut, ADP initiated an annual culture survey, myVoice, which provides associates an opportunity to share their opinions on important topics, including ethics, social responsibility, innovation and leadership, among others. Eighty-one percent of our associates participated in the survey. Overall, ADP’s culture ranked 75% favorable with ethics and social responsibility ranking highest.