Plastic, Metal, Glass Recyled
    This data is for 38 ADP managed sites, which represent two-thirds of the square footage real estate portfolio reporting plastic, metal and glass recycling.

    Electronic waste

    ADP partners with an electronic waste recycler/reseller to reuse or recycle all components of our electronic waste. Prior to recycling, the data is removed from the electronics, which are then returned to the vendor when the lease expires. In 2018, ADP recycled 225 tons of electronic waste.

    Gift-in-kind donations

    During 2018, ADP continued to donate furniture and office supplies no longer needed to nonprofit organizations. In 2018, we donated 2,108 items valued at over $110,000, resulting in the diversion of 10 tons of waste in the United States.

    Cafeteria sustainable products

    ADP requires our cafeterias and bistros to use sustainable products whenever feasible. Disposable serviceware is made from biodegradable materials, and cutlery is made from recycled plastic material. Three of our cafeterias have Food Waste Pulping Machines, contributing to ADP’s mission of reducing our environmental impact. In 2018, we continued to prohibit all Styrofoam products and began recycling all cooking grease.