Oversight and Structure

Integrated assurance and risk management

All assurance functions, which include global compliance and global ethics, take an integrated, comprehensive approach to risk management. It is based on a coordinated model of coverage between business line management, which has responsibility for the day-to-day control environment and the assurance functions. Our board of directors, acting directly and through its committees, is responsible for the oversight of ADP’s risk management activities. With board oversight, ADP has implemented programs and practices that are designed to encourage ethical behavior and manage and govern risk in order to protect the company’s brand and reputation and grow shareholder value.

Facilitating our clients’ compliance

For examples of how we’ve designed compliance into our products and services, visit our Employment Tax and Compliance and Health Compliance Solution pages.

Ethics and compliance trainings

All ADP associates are trained annually on our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, with 100% participation and completion in FY’19. In addition, we conduct specialized trainings specific to our associates’ roles. This training is supplemented by awareness programs and initiatives such as intranet articles, blogs, videos and other global compliance communications.

Public policy and government relations

As the largest single source of U.S. tax payments and employment tax reports, ADP has substantial expertise in tax administration and many other areas of employment-related administrative matters. We contribute to sound government policy by educating policymakers.

For example, to help mitigate the rise of income tax “refund theft,” ADP worked closely with the IRS to pioneer and pilot a new IRS Form W-2 “verification code,” which enables the IRS to independently validate W-2 data reported on individual income tax returns, and we advised congressional tax-writing staff as to the feasibility of earlier submissions of employer W-2 reports. Similarly, ADP actively supports electronic filing programs to improve accuracy and efficiency of government tax collections.

Campaign contributions

ADP has a strict policy of “no financial support” for any political candidate, party or government office worldwide. ADP does not contribute funds to political campaigns of any sort and does not sponsor or maintain a Political Action Committee (PAC). Read more on our Political Contributions Policy.