All of our HR products help our clients become more inclusive by analyzing their demographics. Some features are particularly noteworthy:

  • Vantage, our all-in-one solution for strategic human capital management, now features a visual search capability that helps companies reduce unconscious bias in the hiring and promotion process. Users can perform a blind resume search, prioritizing the best-fit candidates based purely on skill-fit for the role, while hiding name, geography, school or other characteristics.
  • Pay Equity Explorer uncovers inequitable payment for the same job. Its unique approach allows the user to understand the data behind such discrepancies, whether there are appropriate reasons and if corrective action should be taken.
  • Our Next Gen HCM solution was designed to embrace a more fluid, team based structure. By providing teams access to AI-driven insights, we empower them to make data-driven decisions. Leaders can meet the unique needs of their organization and help drive performance. Global organizations can curate HR and employee experiences by selecting apps and capabilities from ADP and third parties without sacrificing data integration, security, or scalability. With next-gen HCM’s cloud-native, low-code technology platform, organizations can adapt, extend, and scale their solution easily and cost-effectively to support changes in their business strategy.
  • Next Gen Pay is ADP’s next generation Global Payroll platform that has been built to support the needs of our clients all over the world. Given the trends in the market around the evolution of work and pay, it provides clients with a tool that supports their future needs, due to its flexible, scalable and configurable platform. ADP Next Gen Pay has been built natively in the Public Cloud leveraging the latest technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve the quality of our services and implementation times. Its person-centric approach allows workers of any type to be paid as soon as they have earned their wages, even at the end of their journey, in a fully compliant manner.
  • Next Gen Tax Engine is the backbone of our tax compliance solutions. With greater automation and real-time information, the engine’s built-in protections help with compliance, exposing where errors might exist and reducing opportunities for tax agency notices to occur. It was designed for scale, handling both high-and low-value transactions, and offering more client choice in payment settlement options.