ADP’s innovation strategy

As the creator of the payroll outsourcing industry, innovation is central to ADP’s identity. For over 70 years, we’ve led the way in defining the future of business solutions. Our strategy is simple: We innovate by anticipating the future of work and taking action in a way that empowers us to shape its trajectory and address critical workforce needs through our solutions.

ADP provides clients with insights about their workforce, helping them better manage their human capital. We also deliver innovation by creating tailored HCM ecosystems to suit each client's individual need, resulting in a unique solution that isn't offered elsewhere. We're using data to transform how great work gets done.

In harnessing the power of big data through machine learning (ML), ADP recognizes the importance of accountability, transparency, privacy, explainability and governance, and in furtherance of those goals has established an active AI & Data Ethics Committee, comprised of both industry leaders and ADP experts, which advises on emerging industry trends and concerns and provides guidance with respect to compliance with the principles that ADP should follow while developing products, systems and applications that involve artificial intelligence, ML and big data. Our AI & Data Ethics Committee has published an Ethics in AI position statement, outlining a set of principles and processes that we have adopted to govern our ethical use of newer technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.