Data-driven innovation

Our extensive experience navigating the constantly evolving workplace allows us to build adaptable tools that help our clients work better. Informed by client feedback and data-driven research, the following are key trends and how ADP is addressing them.

Evolution of pay

Workforce flexibility will stretch beyond perceived limits as worker expectations evolve and challenge employers and HCM providers to offer flexible choices. Over the last year, there has been an accelerated emphasis on mobile-enabled environments that allow employees to access their payroll information on the go and on demand. Through our new agile solutions we can offer our clients access to their payroll almost instantly and from virtually any device. This increased data mobility allows workers to get the information they need when they need it and reduces the time and resources companies use to manage and relay this information to each individual employee.

  • Roll by ADP is our rapidly delivered mobile payroll solution that executes payroll duties and issues payments, with tax compliance and other deductibles included, all in under a minute and straight from users’ phones. Roll is also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), providing alerts so users can stay ahead of tasks and deadlines.

Evolution of HR

As employers explore on-site, fully remote and hybrid workplace models, they will look for new opportunities to increase employee visibility and better understand the needs of a dispersed workforce. By leveraging globally scalable HCM products, clients can improve the agility of employee interactions through insightful analytics. ADP’s team-based solution is key in helping our clients manage and improve how work is happening.

  • Our enhanced and scalable ADP Workforce Now aims to help organizations manage their employees with ease in an all-in-one, fully cloud-based HCM suite that equips businesses to manage payroll, time, HR, talent, benefits and people analytics all in a single database. New learning, scheduling and recruiting capabilities further streamline employee-centric tasks and workflows. Instead of relying on time-consuming processes that span multiple systems, HR practitioners can enter data once and leverage across the platform, streamlining workflows, reducing time spent on manual tasks and improving accuracy.

Evolution of business

While the workforce continues to globalize and more employees remain remote or hybrid, organizations are faced with growing operational and compliance considerations, adding to an already complex regulatory environment. Trying to navigate the culmination of all regulatory updates across multiple countries can be daunting to employers, especially in a dynamic environment when solutions are needed quickly. Quality data will be key in providing businesses with the confidence they need to act.

  • ADP DataCloud is a powerful people analytics solution that enables companies to leverage the industry’s largest workforce dataset: anonymized data from over 30 million workers in more than 920,000 organizations. For instance, companies can benchmark data to find the most qualified candidates and develop a competitive compensation package in line with industry standards. In 2021, ADP DataCloud was named the “Data Analytics Innovation of the Year” in the Data Breakthrough Awards. Additionally, the ADP DataCloud DEI Dashboard was distinguished as the “2021 Top HR Product” by Human Resource Executive and deemed one of the 2021 Next Big Things in Tech by Fast Company.
  • In December 2020, we introduced new AI features to our ADP DataCloud offerings to address some of the biggest challenges that businesses face today, including shifting economic policy, employee retention and the pay equity gap. ADP DataCloud is designed to help organizations make more informed, actionable decisions by giving them visibility into their people data in one platform and eliminating the need for manual analysis.
  • Our COVID-19 Employer Preparedness Toolkit was designed to help clients navigate the evolving challenges they and their workforce are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Evolution of tech

Our research shows that modern global companies use more than 30 applications or vendors to meet their HCM needs. At the same time, we are witnessing the rise of AI across enterprises, which can help deliver a unified HCM experience. As business models evolve amid global shifts, businesses will turn to technology to drive efficiency and expand capabilities by eliminating task work and refocusing efforts on strategic growth initiatives.

  • ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront offering a collection of highly rated solutions, offered by ADP and external partners, ready to simply and securely share data with your ADP platform.
  • As we continue exploring opportunities to automate aspects of HCM, it is important these systems maintain our high standards of transparency and accountability. This means making sure that the ways we use data are useful and fair, free from bias and respectful of people’s privacy. We’re helping clients understand how our AI products work by communicating the factors that go into our analysis and calculations. To learn more, please see the article here.