Enhancing our clients' HCM landscape

By focusing on solutions for emerging trends, ADP is addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the world today. With our “always designing for people” approach, we have a unique opportunity to improve the experience and well-being of our clients’ employees. Our products help organizations quantify and enhance their HR performance, particularly related to diversity and engagement. The better our clients understand their unique HCM landscape, the better the solutions we can create. Some features are particularly noteworthy:

  • Vantage, our all-in-one solution for strategic human capital management, features a visual search capability, helping companies reduce unconscious bias in the hiring and promotion process. Users can perform a blind resume search, prioritizing the best-fit candidates based purely on skill-fit for the position, while hiding all other personal information.
  • ADP GlobalView helps clients with large, global workforces process payroll on time and accurately. Multi-country organizations get the benefit of local experts who know the language while helping them meet country-specific compliance laws.
  • Pay Equity Storyboard helps employers identify potential inequities in pay for the same job. Its unique approach gives the user tools to understand the data behind such discrepancies, so that employers can investigate valid reasons for the pay differential or take corrective action.
  • Next Gen Pay is ADP’s next generation Global Payroll platform, built to support our clients worldwide. Given market trends around the evolution of work and pay, it provides clients with a tool that supports their future needs thanks to its flexible, scalable and customizable platform. ADP Next Gen Pay has been built natively in the Public Cloud leveraging the latest technologies, including AI and Machine Learning (ML) to improve our service quality and implementation times.
  • Our Next Gen Tax Engine is the foundation of our tax compliance solutions. With greater automation and real-time information, the engine’s built-in protections help with compliance, exposing errors and preventing tax violations. It was designed for scale, handling both high- and low-value transactions and offering more client choice in payment settlement options.

As a leading global provider of cloud-based HCM technology solutions to employers around the world, we have continued to process payroll and tax obligations and provide other HCM services to our clients, despite the unexpected challenges that our clients and their employees around the world are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. ADP’s efforts have been focused on providing information and tools to help clients understand and navigate the governmental relief that has been adopted globally. As the global economy and landscape continues to evolve for our clients, whether due to legislative changes or other factors, ADP is committed to supporting our clients to help them navigate these challenges.