Enhancing our client’s HCM landscape

By focusing on emerging trends, we can create solutions for the challenges facing the world today. By leveraging anonymized and aggregated data, we have a unique opportunity to integrate data-driven insights into our products and dashboards. Our products help organizations quantify and enhance their HR performance and identify solutions to potential future problems. The better our clients understand their unique HCM landscape, the better the solutions we can create. Some features are particularly noteworthy:

Return to Workplace Mobile Solution

Following nearly two years of remote working and altered business models amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are in the process of transitioning their people back to the workplace. Whether at an office, factory or otherwise, there are challenges for bringing a workforce back together in-person as the pandemic continues to shift. To safely return and navigate the changing regulatory environment, managers need timely insight into their workforce. In response to this emerging need, ADP developed the Return to Workplace Mobile Solution, which includes sentiment and availability surveys, vaccine status surveys, COVID-19 test result tracking, health attestation and contact tracing capabilities. The app’s key features help HR leaders and practitioners make informed decisions about workforce safety rooted in frequently updated data about their people. This is offered as part of our application suite and is fully integrated into our other offerings.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Dashboard

Another area of increasing focus in the HR world is diversity, equity and inclusion. From diverse representation to inclusive cultures and equitable practices, more and more companies are recognizing the critical importance of monitoring and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in their workforce. With our new DE&I Dashboard, our clients can quantify and track their own diversity data and compare it to that of similar companies and local populations through ADP’s industry-leading workforce benchmarks. ADP’s suite of DE&I capabilities is integrated within our award-winning people analytics solution, ADP DataCloud. The robust toolset addresses key DE&I challenges for HR leaders including surfacing DE&I insights, enabling local action, creating an inclusive culture and making change stick. Based on the results of the collected data and peer comparison, we offer strategies for improvement right in the dashboard, reducing the need for external consultation. Recently named one of Fast Company’s 2021 Next Big Things in Tech, ADP’s DE&I Dashboard is helping companies meet the social and business imperative to affect meaningful change through impactful DE&I programs. Like our Return to Workplace Mobile Solution, the DE&I Dashboard is fully integrated into our product suite.