We Support Sustainable Development Goals Around the World

Continuing our mission to support the communities where we live and work, ADP is committed to making the world a better place. To help make this a reality, we have mapped our most significant philanthropic efforts against three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to show how our global offices and teams have found unique ways to contribute to their local communities. Our most notable contributions are around access to education, creating sustainable cities and championing gender equality. Here is how we’re working to make a difference:

SDG 4: Quality Education

ADP values the education of our associates as well as those in our communities. Here is how we are contributing to the individual targets for SDG4:

4.1 Providing quality primary and secondary education
  • MIDAS – Making an Impactful Difference at School
    • Founded in 2009, our MIDAS program seeks to bring quality education and learning opportunities to disadvantaged youth in India.
  • ONE ADP Educational Partnerships
    • We partner with local elementary schools and colleges to host classes on topics including STEM, management, human resources and diversity & inclusion programs.
4.4 Providing and developing relevant job skills
  • Internship programs
    • We have a variety of internship programs at over 12 universities and colleges around the world that help students prepare for a career in HCM.
  • Global product and technology programs
    • The HCM Academy programs help drive innovation and develop the pipeline for the next generation of technology leaders.
4.5 Eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of education
  • Women in Business program
    • Our Women in Business program, which can be found at multiple colleges and universities, encourages and develops women in the traditionally male-dominant business sector.
4.6 Promoting literacy and numeracy for youth and adults
  • Book drives for local schools
    • Our colleagues in Tunisia organized a book drive for the benefit of a local primary school. In addition, they provided school supplies to help children in disadvantaged families. The team even built a new library for the students, all from scratch!

SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities

We are proud of our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, ensure everyone is respected and valued, and encourage new behaviors that benefit the individual and their community.

11.2 Safe, accessible, sustainable transportation
  • Revised air travel policy
    • Early in 2020, we introduced our revised air travel policy. The policy covers specific actions travelers can take to minimize their footprint as well as partnered airlines that utilize fuel efficient fleets.
11.4 Safeguarding the world’s cultures and heritages
  • Cultural business resource groups
    • We are proud of our extensive selection of business resource groups. While there are many types, we have multiple BRGs built around different cultures from around the world. These BRGs help bridge cultural gaps, promote each culture individually, and provides a safe space for its participants.
11.6 Reduce environmental impacts per capita
  • Sustainable cafeteria utensils
    • Wherever possible, our cafeterias replaced traditional plastic cutlery and utensils with biodegradable alternatives that get composted after use, instead of heading to a landfill.
  • Phase-out Styrofoam
    • We have removed all Styrofoam cups and containers and replaced them with reusable or biodegradable alternatives.

SDG 5: Gender equality

At ADP, we believe diversity and inclusion programs are crucial resources for the company, not requirements on a checklist. To attract talented and diverse individuals, we extend our gender equality efforts to transgendered individuals and gender-non-conforming persons, instead of focusing on the traditional male-female paradigm that’s currently present in the SDG verbiage. This is not only the moral thing to do, it’s good for our business.

5.1 End all forms of discrimination against marginalized genders
  • Patterns of unconscious bias training
    • Our recruiters are trained and equipped to uncover their individual unconscious biases during the hiring process. By understanding diversity and inclusion best-practices as well as utilizing appropriate tools, unconscious bias can be diminished in hiring procedures.
5.4 Recognize and value unpaid domestic work
  • Parental leave policies
    • We provide more time off for new parents than the industry average, offered to fathers and mothers. We believe it is crucial to the longevity of our associates’ tenure to support new parents as much as possible.
  • Childcare programs
    • At certain locations, we provide onsite childcare for our associates.
5.5 Equal opportunities for leadership positions
  • Promoting multicultural women
    • We are especially proud of our programs that help us recruit, retain, and advance multicultural women. We do this through multiple BRGs and other initiatives.
  • Women in sales leadership BRG
    • A business resource group dedicated to fostering women as leaders in sales positions
  • Women in executive leadership BRG
    • Another business resource group dedicated to fostering women as leaders in executive positions
5.6 Universal sexual and reproductive health access
  • Health insurance packages
    • Our comprehensive health insurance package includes fertility management and eligible employees can select a medical plan that provides services for medically necessary, transition-related care.
  • Parental leave policies
    • We provide our associates with competitive parental leave times.
5.A Reforms for economic equality
  • Company demographics
    • Through insightful data analytics, ADP tracks hiring and advancement trends across associate demographics, creating programs to improve metrics.
5.B Enable and promote empowerment through I.T.
  • Pay equity storyboard
    • A virtual tool we designed to uncover inequitable payment for the same job
  • Empower BRG
    • Our women in technology BRG, providing training and guidance to women seeking to advance their career in technology
  • Advancing women in S.T.E.M.
    • With women being under-represented in STEM fields, we launched numerous initiatives and programs to encourage and provide opportunities for women looking to enter the field
5.C Enforceable legislation for gender equality
  • Anti-harassment policies
    • ADP has a zero tolerance policy for harassment