ADP's innovation strategy

As the creator of the payroll outsourcing industry, innovation is synonymous with ADP. Our strategy is simple: We innovate by anticipating the future of work, the future of human capital management and the future of pay to meet the evolving and unique needs of our clients and their workers. Our approach to innovation doesn’t end at products and services; it also extends to delivery methods for clients. We were first-to-market with HCM mobile apps, putting our value directly into our clients’ hands.

Our investments in innovation have grown by double digits in recent history, and the results speak for themselves. We’ve built Innovation Labs that host clients, listen to their needs and create the interfaces that help them reach their goals. Our ADP Research Institute® publishes world-class, data-driven studies and reports, continually building our understanding of how the modern-day workplace is evolving.

Our innovations around HCM focus on three different aspects. First, ADP provides clients with insights about their workforce, helping them better manage their human capital in new and unexpected ways. Second, we strive to advance the client-worker experience by enriching the user experience with intuitive controls and anticipatory problem solving, allowing the client to create solutions instead of managing problems. Finally, ADP delivers innovation by creating customized HCM ecosystems to suit each client’s individual needs, resulting in a unique solution that isn’t offered elsewhere. With innovation, we’re transforming how great work gets done.

COVID-19 Response

In response to COVID-19, we produced a variety of solutions to help our clients navigate the pandemic and to prepare for recovery. We implemented over 1,000 feature changes in response to 2,000 legislative updates across 60 countries, and achieved record Net Promoter Scores in June 2020 as a result of this elevated level of service. To learn more, please see our COVID-19 Employer Preparedness Toolkit and Return to Workplace Solution.