Modern trends driving our innovation

ADP’s extensive experience navigating the ever-evolving workplace allows us to build adaptive tools that help our clients work better. The following are the key trends and how ADP is addressing them.

Evolution of pay

Rapidly changing market dynamics are changing the HCM payments landscape. Worker expectations are influencing employers and HCM providers to offer flexible choices to receive wages, customize payment instruments and options, and enable financial wellness solutions that help workers achieve their financial goals and maintain worksite productivity. ADP's offerings give workers control on how they get paid (e.g., paycards, direct deposit, etc.), how quickly pay is delivered, and the ability to collect earned wages between pay cycles, while maintaining compliance with regulations. Through payments-related products and services, we also gain insight into how people spend, putting us on the cutting edge of the evolution of pay and positioning us to enable employers to deliver financial wellness solutions to workers.

  • Wisely is an industry — leading suite of cost-effective, efficient payment solutions that delivers convenience, security, and financial wellness for workers, while ensuring employers can compliantly pay in all 50 states.

Evolution of HR

By leveraging HCM products that scale quickly across the globe, clients can improve the agility of employee interactions through insightful analytics. ADP’s team-based solution is key in helping our clients solve for how work is happening.

  • Our Next Gen HCM solution was designed to embrace a fluid, team-based structure. By making insights driven by artificial intelligence (AI) accessible, we empower teams to make data-driven decisions. Leaders can then meet the unique needs of their organization and help drive performance. Global organizations can tailor HR and employee experiences by selecting apps and capabilities from both ADP and third parties, without sacrificing data integration, security or scalability. With Next-Gen HCM’s cloud-native, low-code technology platform, organizations can adapt, extend and scale their solution quickly and cost-effectively to support changes in their business strategy.

Evolution of business

While the workforce continues to globalize, organizations are faced with tightening labor markets and growing regulatory changes. Trying to navigate the culmination of all regulatory updates across multiple countries can be daunting to employers, especially during these trying times when solutions are needed quickly.

  • ADP DataCloud is a powerful data analysis tool that enables companies to leverage the world’s richest, most accurate dataset: anonymized data from 30 million workers in more than 90,000 organizations across the United States. For instance, companies can benchmark data to find the most qualified candidates and develop a competitive compensation package in line with industry standards. ADP DataCloud was honored as the winner in the 2020 AI Breakthrough Awards for the "Best AI-based Solution for Data Sciences" category, earning praise for breaking through the crowded field of AI to drive industry growth.
  • The ADP Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employer Preparedness Toolkit was designed to help clients navigate the challenges they and their workforce are facing.

Evolution of tech

ADP research shows that modern global companies use more than 30 applications or vendors to meet their HCM needs. At the same time, we are witnessing the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across enterprises.

  • ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront offering a collection of highly rated solutions, offered by ADP and external partners, ready to simply and securely share data with your ADP platform.
  • Large volumes of HCM transactions provide ample opportunities for automation, and ADP is pioneering the field of AI robotics and machine learning for HCM. We have evolved from using AI-driven machine learning in a variety of use-cases across the entire client lifecycle, to a new HCM system designed to create a work-life assistant that is always on and always learning, delivering insightful advice and organizing our client’s work life, with simplicity.