Updated air travel policy

In 2019, we updated our corporate travel policy to make it easy for our associates to book green traveling arrangements. With the updated policy and company resources, considering the environmental impact when traveling doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort or productivity. ADP’s airline partners include some of the biggest names in air travel and have green operations that lower emissions by utilizing fuel-efficient fleets, optimizing flight plans and reducing engine idling on tarmacs. When our associates book through ADP Travel, it ensures the use of travel partners that have been vetted for sustainable practices, savings and security.

In response to COVID-19, ADP limits all non-essential business travel to reduce exposure. To compensate for this lack of mobility, ADP offers all of our conferences online to prevent transmission events for associates, prospects and clients. These efforts also benefit from reducing our travel costs and environmental impact due to emissions.

Energy savings from building management systems in the Philippines

In the Philippines, our equipment operational optimization via building management systems (BMS) has helped manage the reduction of energy use across operations in the country. This new system is designed to react to the occupants’ needs in real-time, so lighting, heating and cooling are delivered on an as-needed basis throughout the building, reducing overall energy use. In FY 2020, we saved 121,875 kWhr.

Tree planting and forest stewardship in Spain

Associates planted 54 trees and bush species native to the area in Barcelona, and these trees are expected to remove approximately 2,600 lbs. of carbon from the atmosphere every year. Volunteers also installed 20 nest boxes to support the local bat population. These native bats are a critical part of the ecosystem and are essential to managing the population of insects and other pests, including mosquitoes, leafhoppers, beetles, rootworm larva, moths, grasshoppers, scorpions, centipedes, ants, flies, and crickets.

Terrace garden in the Czech Republic

Listening to associate feedback, the Facilities Team at our Prague office turned a portion of the terrace on the 4th floor into an herb garden. Planted are a host of herbs which associates can pick and add to their diet. This garden promotes the sustainability of local and urban farming while serving as a pleasant outdoor area for our associates to enjoy.