Ethics and Compliance

We are proud of our culture and values—they are the foundation of our ongoing success. Our primary core value, “Integrity is Everything,” sets the tone for our Company, and is one of our competitive differentiators. Essential policies that guide ADP include:

Global ethics

ADP’s Global Ethics team offers our associates training, advice, counsel and support on all aspects of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Anti-Bribery Policy. In addition, Global Ethics conducts investigations into ethical matters and issues reported through ADP’s Ethics Helpline and supports the General Counsel in reporting to the Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

Global compliance

The Global Compliance team identifies and prioritizes compliance risks, and decides if they are suitably managed. Global Compliance activities not only reduce the likelihood of non-compliance with ADP Policies and applicable laws, but also contribute to ADP’s profitability and growth by supporting compliance as a centerpiece of our products and services.

Oversight and Structure

Integrated assurance and risk management

All assurance functions, including both global compliance and global ethics, take an integrated, systemic approach to risk management. They are based on a coordinated model of coverage between business line management, which has responsibility for the day-to-day control environment and the assurance functions. Our Board of Directors, acting directly and through its committees, is responsible for the oversight of ADP’s risk management activities. With Board oversight, ADP has implemented programs and practices that are designed to inspire ethical behavior, manage and govern risk to protect the Company’s brand and reputation, and grow shareholder value.

Facilitating our clients’ compliance

ADP designs products and solutions to help our clients meet their compliance obligations. This includes delivering updates and best practices on the latest legislative and regulatory developments, through the ADP SPARK blog and the ADP Workplace Spotlight webinar series. To see examples of how ADP designs compliance into our products and services, visit our ADP COVID-19 Employer Preparedness Toolkit, ADP SmartCompliance®, and HR Compliance pages.

Ethics and compliance trainings

Every year, each associate completes our Code of Business Conducts & Ethics training, with 100% participation and completion in FY'20. We also conduct specialized compliance trainings specific to our associates’ roles. This training is supplemented by awareness programs and initiatives such as internal articles, blogs, videos and other global compliance communications.

Public policy and government relations

As the largest single source of U.S. tax payments and employment tax reports, ADP has considerable expertise in tax administration and many other areas of employment-related administrative matters. We contribute to sound government policy by educating and collaborating with policymakers. For example, ADP worked with the Treasury Department and Small Business Administration on guidance needed to implement the Paycheck Protection Program under the 2020 CARES Act; and with the Internal Revenue Service to establish required employer reporting and tax credit requirements associated with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) 2020 and Employee Retention Credits under the CARES Act. Similarly, ADP worked with state agencies in CT, MA, OR and other states to design employer reporting and tax payment systems to support newly enacted paid sick leave and family leave programs.

Campaign contributions

ADP has a strict policy of “no financial support” for any political candidate, party or government office worldwide. ADP does not contribute funds to political campaigns of any sort and does not sponsor or maintain a Political Action Committee (PAC). Read more on our Political Contributions Policy.