Our Board

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to sound corporate governance practices that provide our shareholders with meaningful rights and foster strong independent leadership in our board room. We understand that creating sustainable long-term value for shareholders is only possible by committing to strong governance practices and open dialogue through continuous direct engagement.

Risk and strategy oversight

Our Board of Directors oversees the Company’s enterprise risk assessment and integrated risk management activities. These are designed to identify, prioritize, assess, monitor and mitigate various risks confronting the Company, including risks related to the execution of the Company’s operational and financial strategy. Our directors also take an active role in the oversight of the Company’s strategy at both a board and committee level, while management teams are responsible for the execution of our business strategy.

ESG governance

Our Board of Directors is directly focused on the long-term sustainability of our business. In line with this goal, the nominating/corporate governance committee oversees the Company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies and programs. The committee receives regular updates from ADP’s Chief Diversity, Inclusion and CSR Officer (CSRO), and reports back on these matters to the Board. This arrangement allows our Board to engage with the Company more freely and across a broad range of ESG topics. Our Board has complete and open access to our CSRO, who spearheads our ESG Steering Committee to lead our ESG efforts. This Steering Committee is comprised of senior leaders at ADP, and their meetings occur on a quarterly basis to more effectively communicate and manage sustainability-related issues affecting the Company, now and into the future.