Letter from President/CEO

The world of work relies on people having the tools, environment, and opportunity to do their best work. At ADP, we proudly share our dedication to unlocking potential for our clients, our people, and our global communities.

When ADP first started supporting businesses more than 70 years ago, our founders established values to guide our decisions. Today, those core values drive everything ADP does and central among them are Integrity is Everything and Each Person Counts. Our 58,000-person workforce builds and drives our technology and expertise... and they make it possible to provide cutting-edge tools and world-class service to more than 860,000 clients in more than 140 countries.

Drastic shifts in today’s world exposed a heightened need to address diversity, equity and inclusion at work and beyond. When social unrest and renewed calls for racial justice echoed across the U.S. and the world – ADP listened. As a global business leader, we have a responsibility to respond thoughtfully and to ensure we are part of the solution.

Our experience is consistent with the research: diverse workforces drive innovation and lead to better corporate performance. Beyond the business case, we value and intentionally choose to cultivate a culture that embraces all forms of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual identity and orientation, veteran status and ability. We are committed to attracting and retaining the world’s greatest talent; building diverse, inclusive teams; and being the kind of workplace where work aligns with passion. We embrace this philosophy at all levels of our Company, from entry level to management and executive positions.

ADP also plays a vital role in helping our client organizations take care of their employees. Our clients entrust us to help them more effectively manage, deploy, compensate and serve the human resource needs of their people, while also handling and protecting their most sensitive data. With this trust comes great responsibility – a responsibility we take very seriously. We believe we have a duty to enable diversity and inclusion to flourish in the workforce for the benefit of all workers and the businesses they support.

ADP also embraces our role in giving back to and generating a lasting, positive impact upon the communities in which we work and live. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a core principle within ADP values, and it encompasses everything from corporate governance, ethics and environmental stewardship to diversity, philanthropy and promoting employee success around the world.

This edition of ADP’s Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report details with greater transparency our alignment to global sustainability and diversity goals. As we advise other companies to tackle these issues within their organizations, we want to share our journey as a good corporate citizen and technology leader for the global workforce.

At ADP, we constantly strive to embed socially responsible principles and practices into everything we do. Above all, we remain optimistic about the future and committed to making positive contributions that will benefit the world today and for generations to come.


Carlos Rodriguez
President and CEO