At ADP, environmental sustainability and stewardship are integral to both our corporate social responsibility program and our business strategy. We are continuously evaluating which environmental issues are most relevant to our business and offer opportunities for us to make a purposeful impact. We also believe that creating sustainable products and streamlining our operations drives efficiency, innovation and ultimately, long-term value-creation.

BEGreen for environmental communications

The ADP GoGreen logo has been replaced with our new BEGreen identifier. This icon appears on all ADP projects globally that have a significant environmental component. This not only translates to facility efficiency and clean-up related projects, it applies to all efforts, such as curbing the volume of on-site printing, turning off electronics, savings on travel, and offering digital services to our customers.

Whether the effort is energy conservation, printing with a conscious, product development, recycling, donations or emissions diversion, this new identifier will alert readers to the fact that this project, event, or ADP service, is making a mindful effort to BEGreen.