Since our core business revolves around payroll and HR services, paper waste has historically been a significant component of our environmental footprint. After recognizing the opportunity to reduce waste for both our clients and our own business, we started to offer digitized services and launched paper waste reduction initiatives. Within North America, approximately 85% of clients were paperless in 2019.

Construction debris

ADP continues to require construction debris from ADP projects be recycled.

In 2019, ADP did not have any new building greenfield construction projects. Some locations were vacated, moved and/or upgraded. During the decommission process, workstations and unsalvageable furniture (that could not be donated) were recycled.

Plastic, aluminum and glass recycling

All ADP buildings include designated recycling containers and we encourage all associates to manage their waste by using the proper receptacle responsibly.

Recycling awareness campaign

As the new BEGreen branding unfolded, our Corporate Real Estate team partnered with another cross-functional team and Brand Marketing to create new, simple signage to remind associates that ADP recycles. Our goal is to increase recycling of plastics, metals and glass and decrease trash co-mingling with recyclables in trash bins.

New signage was also placed at shred bins, encouraging all paper to be recycled. We often think of shred bins for confidential information only. However, ADP arranged with our shred vendor to recycle all paper placed in the shred bin — confidential or otherwise, including newspapers, magazines, pictures, paper file folders and more.

Coffee pod recycling

At many of our locations, ADP offers filtered water and hot beverages to our associates. In 2019, we introduced a program to collect and recycle “freshpacks” used in single-cup machines for hot beverages. The freshpack contents are composted while the freshpacks are sold and used to create objects such as park benches and tables. In 2019, ADP US recycled 22 tons or 1.3 million freshpacks!

Electronic waste

ADP partners with an electronic waste recycler and reseller to reuse or recycle our electronic waste components. Prior to recycling, all data is wiped from the electronics, then returned to the vendor when the lease expires. In 2019, ADP recycled 230 tons of electronic waste.

Gift-in-kind donations

In 2019, ADP continued to donate furniture and office supplies no longer needed to nonprofit organizations. In 2019, through our Project Refresh, we donated 3,049 items valued at $111,000, resulting in the diversion of nine tons of waste in the United States.

Cafeteria sustainable products

Per our policy, ADP requires our cafeterias and bistros to use sustainable products whenever possible. Disposable serviceware is made from biodegradable materials, and cutlery is made from recycled plastics. Three of our cafeterias have Food Waste Pulping Machines, reducing our waste volume. In 2019, we continued to prohibit all Styrofoam products and began recycling all cooking grease.