Waste Management

We have a long history of minimizing the waste we produce by promoting recycling and utilizing reusable and sustainable goods. Moving forward, we will continue to investigate new diversion methods to reduce what we send to landfills.

Below are some of the ways we’re reducing the trash we send to landfills.

In Kind Donations

When closing office space, there is often excess furniture that ADP can no longer use. Instead of sending it to the landfill, we find organizations that can use the office furniture, as well as office supplies, and donate it to them. Since 2019, in the U.S., we’ve donated over 7,700 items to partner 501c3 organizations, helping those in need and reducing our waste.

Electronic waste

Waste diversion and minimizing environmental impact are cornerstones of our sustainability program. We are proud of our e-waste recycling program and recycling our electronics across all our operations. To accomplish this, ADP partners with an electronic waste recycler and reseller to reuse or recycle our electronic waste components. From anywhere in our operations, the process is the same: each piece of equipment is collected, counted, certified and responsibly disposed. Prior to the recycling process, all data is wiped from the electronics to protect privacy and confidentiality.

Plastic, aluminum, and glass recycling

All ADP buildings include designated recycling containers and we encourage all associates to manage their waste by using the proper receptacle responsibly.


Since our core business revolves around payroll and HR services, ADP recognized the opportunity to reduce paper usage for both our clients and our own business. We continue to drive print reductions through digitized services and paper reduction initiatives, resulting in lower ink and paper consumption and a reduction in product transport required. ADP also includes a quantitative environmental footprint objective in the annual bonus plan design for ADP executive officers, which has focused on print reduction and paperless opportunities since the objective was introduced in the annual bonus plan in fiscal year 2022.

We also have enterprise-wide print reduction initiatives such as our “Print on Demand” initiative that help reduce wasted paper from redundant or unnecessary printing jobs by providing associates a second opportunity to review what they want to print directly at the print station.

Water Consumption

All ADP offices have a water safety program and protocols in place, providing our associates with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene, including filtered water at the majority of our locations. ADP leverages a closed-loop cooling system at its primary data centers. In addition, we use low-flow fixtures and where possible, reclaimed water for local landscaping.